Traditional SMS Marketing Reseller Program & SMS White Label Program

Traditional SMS Marketing Reseller Program

Club Texting's traditional SMS marketing reseller program requires a little effort on your part, but the rewards can be very lucrative. To take advantage of this program, you simply set up a single account for your clients, provide them with your username and password to access Club Texting's SMS marketing platform, and charge your clients directly for the text messages they send. If you are an MSP, one way of operating an SMS marketing reseller program is to take advantage of our high volume plans to achieve the maximum discount. You then charge your clients the standard Club Texting rate. In this way, your clients will be unable to find cheaper options, plus they will be dealing with a service provider with whom they have an existing business arrangement. Ready to add SMS marketing to your portfolio of services? Give us a call at (212) 601-9383.

Private Label Program

The Private Label (SMS White Label) Program is reserved for our largest partners who have an existing base of clients. Private Label partners receive a higher revenue share on all referred accounts as well as a private label application and extensive support.

  • Private label application
  • Higher commission
  • Additional support

The Private Label program is best suited for larger organizations with an existing client base of small- to medium-sized customers. Call us at (212) 601-9383 for more information.

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