3 Great Ideas for Last-Minute Event Promotions

The last thing you want is to have an empty dance floor at your club. Not only does this affect your income for the night; it also could impact your reputation. When you look at ticket sales and see that you might have a slow night, there are a few last-minute marketing strategies that you can use to increase attendance.  

Targeted Invites 

One of the best ways to generate more interest for your event (even at the last minute) is to target the invitations. At this point, you have likely sent out information to your text marketing subscribers, and you have probably promoted the event through other marketing channels. Rather than continue to try to reach a wide audience, focus on those who will most likely want to attend. 

Send text messages to those who have come to similar events in the past. Run paid campaigns that target a specific audience based on demographics. Customize the message to appeal to the select audience to increase the efficacy of your campaign.

Special Offers 

People love to save money, so special offers are a great way to get people to act—even at the last minute. Avoid simply discounting all of your tickets; instead, motivate people to take advantage of the offer by making it exclusive. For example, try the following:

  • Send out exclusive discounts through your text marketing program
  • Email targeted audience members with a special deal 
  • Limit the deal to the first 100 people who respond 
  • Run a contest on social media 

Build Hype with Social Media 

To get people to your event, you need to build interest and hype. Making it feel as though tickets are scarce is one way to build hype, but it's sometimes not enough. It is also beneficial to start a thread on social media and get your followers to join in the discussion. Choose a hashtag to start trending on Instagram and Twitter. Ask your Facebook followers to share the event with their friends. As people see their friends posting about it, they become interested in learning what all they hype is about. 

You can also similarly leverage your text marketing program. Ask your subscribers to share your texts with their friends and offer a special discount or reward if they bring friends to the event.

When you run last minute event promotions, focus on the platforms that allow for immediate responses. Text marketing is one of the best marketing channels for last minute promotions; people typically read and respond within seconds. In fact, texts have a 98 percent open rate, while email only has an (approximately) 22 percent open rate. You may also drum up some last-minute interest by promoting your event on social media. 

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