SMS MMS Comparison

SMS stands for “Short Message Service”; it is used for sending plain text messages over a cellular network. MMS stands for “Multimedia Messaging Service” and is used to send images, audio, and video files over the same network. MMS is great way to boost engagement and “wow” your audience -- ideal for sharing coupons, offers, and flyers.

The chart below compares SMS and MMS.

Product Comparison MMS SMS
Send Audio check -
Send GIF check -
Send Video check -
Send Images check -
Send Long Text (1600 Char) check -
Keywords check check
Contacts check check
Web & Social Widgets check check
Reports & Tracking check check
Recurring Messages check check
Free Incoming Messages check check
Forwarding check check
Scheduling check check
Drip Campaigns check check
Personalization of messages check check
Message Templates check check
Integrations check check
Send-From-Phone check check
API Integration check check
Carrier Lookup Tool check check

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