Text Messaging FAQ


New to text messaging? Unfamiliar with the basic concepts of mobile marketing like bulk text messages and opt-in rules and regulations? Our text messaging FAQ covers the basics to get you marketing like a pro in no time.

What is a text message?

A text message is a short message that can be sent to and from a cellular phone. When someone says text, texting, or SMS, or if you see TXT in print, these are referring to text messages.

What Is SMS?

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. It is a worldwide standard for communicating by text between cellular phones.

Is there a difference between email and text messaging?

While most phones can send and receive email, email is not the same as text messaging. There are many differences -- for example, a text message is sent to a phone number, while an email is sent to an email address.

Can everyone receive text messages?

Nearly every cellular phone in use in the world can receive text messages. Most wireless carriers include text messaging in their standard plans.

What does it cost for a consumer to receive a text message?

Some carriers do not charge their customers to receive text messages. Others include a certain number in their standard plans -- they usually cost less than ten cents per message.

How long can a text messages be?

A standard text message is limited to 160 characters. Characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation.

What is a short code?

A Short Code is similar to the address (URL) of a website. It is a unique location to send text messages to, a location that all cellular carriers are aware of. You typically combine a Short Code with a Keyword to form a call-to-action. For example: 'Text KEYWORD to SHORTCODE to join our VIP list.'

What is a Keyword?

A Keyword is a short word (which may include numbers) that customers send by text message in order to join your list. For example: 'Text KEYWORD to SHORTCODE to join our text messaging list.'

What does it mean to opt in?

To opt in is to join a list. This can be done by sending a text message containing your KEYWORD to our SHORTCODE, or by entering your phone number into a web-based form. This action signifies that a customer has given you permission to send them messages.

What does it mean to opt out?

A subscriber opts out when they quit (remove themselves from) your list. Users can do this quickly and simply by replying to any text message you send them with the word STOP.

Who regulates text messaging?

In the United States, The MMA, Wireless Carriers and the FCC all play a roll in regulating text messaging.

Can I change the number or set a name that you send my text messages from?

It isn't possible to send a message from a name, as phone calls and text messages always come from a phone number. There are two different kinds of phone numbers: a regular ten-digit number like the one you have assigned to your cell phone and a shortcode, which is a special five- or six-digit number like the ones supported by Club Texting. For a message to appear from a name it must be stored in your phone’s address book. You'll notice when you receive a text message or call from a person who is not in your phone book that it shows their ten-digit number; the same applies to a short code.

Please refer to our new SMS technology partner EZ Texting for further information. EZ Texting FAQs

Text Message Marketing

Club Texting offers a powerful, affordable bulk text messaging platform. Our web-based software is so easy to use that you'll have your first mobile marketing campaign running in no time. Have questions before you get started? We've got answers.

What is the difference between Express and Standard Delivery?

Express Delivery messages are sent from our short code that is directly connected to the major cell phone carriers. Express delivery speed and reliability is comparable to sending a text message from one cell phone to another.

Standard messages are sent out through the Internet using SMTP Email to Text technology, and are NOT SUPPORTED BY THE CARRIERS. Deliverability rates are for the most part consistent, but can be unpredictable since messages can be trapped in SPAM filters. We provide this method as a legacy service for those customers who need to reach smaller carriers. As the carriers do not support this delivery method, we cannot offer support for Standard messages. Standard messages are limited to 130 characters per text in both the US & Canada.

What Countries Do You Support?

Club Texting supports the United States and Canada. A single account can only be set to deliver messages to one country. If you need to send messages to both the US and Canada, please create two accounts. See US pricing here and Canadian pricing here.

How do consumers opt in to my Club Texting account?

There are three ways for a consumer to opt in to your account. If you rent a Keyword, they can text that Keyword to our short code to join your list. For example, if your keyword were XYZ, all your customer would need to do is text XYZ to our short code. To opt out, your customer can reply to any message you send with the word STOP. We also offer web signup widgets that you can add to your website or Facebook page. Finally, if you already have a list of opted-in phone numbers, you may upload that list.

How can I promote my Club Texting text messaging service to my customers?

Promoting your text messaging and mobile marketing campaigns requires little or no investment on your part. Your campaign message to consumers is simple and can be added to the promotions you are already running. Simply add promotional text like, 'Join XYZ's text messaging list to find out about upcoming events. Text the keyword XYZ to [short code] now!'

Here are some popular ways you can promote and build your Club Texting list:

· Call-to-action signs within your venue. These can be placed anywhere -- on plasma screens, in bathrooms, on the front door, on tables, behind the bar, and even at point-of-sale registers. · Include your opt-in message on all your promotional items such as event fliers, email campaigns, your website, business cards, and in magazine and print ads. · DJ "shout outs" instructing customers to join your text messaging list.

Additionally, you can incentivize your patrons to join your Club Texting text messaging list by providing them with special codes for promotional drinks or complimentary admission. These promotions can be tailored to your needs and are bound only by your imagination.

Finally, please note that you must follow the carrier guidelines, specifying:

  • That message and data rates may apply
  • The message frequency (ex: max 2 messages per week)
  • Opt out instructions (ex: To unsubscribe text STOP {KEYWORD} to {SHORT CODE})
  • The carriers supported: Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cellular One, C-Spire, Cincinnati Bell, Cricket, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin

What kind of text messages can I send through Club Texting?

If you owned a dance club you might send a message like this: Sasha and Digweed spinning this Friday night at Crobar. Alex at the door for reduced admission before 12AM, 530 West 28th Street, NYC.

Can I receive replies to the text messages that I send?

Your contacts can reply to any message that you send. As long as they reply within twelve hours of the time that you sent your message we will deliver that message to your Club Texting inbox.

Which cellular carriers do you support?

Club Texting is certified and supported by all of the major cellular carriers in the United States and Canada. Visit our coverage page for a full carrier coverage list.

How do I access my Club Texting account / Do I need any special software/hardware?

Since Club Texting's text messaging software is web-based, all you need to access our service is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. There is no special software or hardware to purchase or install.

How long does it take for my contacts to receive the messages that I send?

Messages are sent instantly and typically arrive within 1 to 2 minutes. If a customer's phone is turned off, or is in an area without coverage (such as inside an elevator), their carrier holds the message and delivers it as soon as the customer re-enters a coverage area.

Is there a limit to how many messages I can send using Club Texting?

There is no limit to how many messages you can send using our text messaging service. However, best practices indicate that you should not send more than one message per day to your subscribers. More frequent messaging can result in high opt-out rates for your list.

How much does Club Texting cost?

You can choose from a variety of monthly packages or simply stick with a pay-as-you-go plan. Click here to view pricing plans and open your free trial account now.

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