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Keywords make it easy to incorporate mass texting in your mobile marketing strategy. You've probably seen keywords numerous times in messages like, "Text DEALS to 25827 to get 20% off your next purchase." DEALS is the keyword. Keywords make it easy to safely grow your audience because their primary function is to facilitate opt-ins as a sign-up method. Once you begin growing your list, you can also use Keywords to organize your outgoing communication.

A Few Ways to Use Keywords

  • shareShare your Keyword once and watch your list grow automatically. Your social media page, website, or other advertising methods are great ways to invite audience sign-ups.
  • faceUse different Keywords to reach out to different groups within your contacts (or even groups within those groups) and automatically run simultaneous marketing campaigns.
  • replyEncourage replies from your contacts to keep them engaged, conduct polls, provide local specials, or learn more about their wants and needs.

Case Study

Sandbar’s Marketing Director, Vid Bahadur, saw the value of wireless communication for marketing his bar. He also perceived great growth potential for the future by leveraging powerful marketing tools such as multimedia messages, including streaming commercial clips. Bahadur decided that the time was right to start turning his customers into subscribers, recognizing the potential to then leverage that existing subscriber base for future projects.

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