Text Messaging Contact List & Group List Management

It all begins with a simple list.

Building Your List

A text messaging contact list or group list is a necessity for using Club Texting, but building one is easier than you think. If you already have a list of contacts who have permitted you to contact them, simply upload their phone numbers into your account to begin reaching out. Otherwise, sharing your Keyword with your audience or promoting it through other channels is a quick way to get started.


Tips for Growing Your List

  • loyaltyWe recommend offering exclusive access, special promotions or VIP benefits to those who sign up. Adding value to your list will make it more appealing to your audience.
  • beenherePick a catchy and relevant Keyword to share on your external channels (e.g. your website and social media pages) to make it easy for potential contacts to remember.
  • supervisor_accountOrganize your contacts by categorizing them into groups, making it easy to communicate with the right contacts for specific messaging.

List Building 101

Building a Contact List is the first step to successful text message marketing. Check out our complete guide for what to do and what to avoid when trying to grow your list.

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