Text Messaging Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Analyze, strategize and grow

Data is King

Having the right data is key to the success of any great marketing campaign, which is why every Club Texting account comes with text messaging campaign tracking and reporting tools. Track your incoming and outgoing messages, see trends in the size of your contact list and more. Once you understand how your audience responds to your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to strategically tweak your outreach to grow a loyal following.


Behind the Scenes of Text Messaging

  • compare_arrowsMonitor exactly when your contacts are joining or opting out of your list to learn about patterns within your list’s performance.
  • track_changesTrack your incoming and outgoing messaging volume for an understanding of audience engagement.
  • timelineVisually monitor spikes in your opt-out replies to identify what works (or doesn’t) within your campaigns.

The Little Things Make a Big Difference

  • View how many subscribers are currently on your list
  • Specify a date range to analyze your list activity
  • Recently Added Contacts
  • Contact Growth & Opt-Outs Over Time
  • The Source Of Your Contacts
  • Recent Incoming & Outgoing Messages
  • Cumulative Incoming & Outgoing Messages
  • Keyword Activity

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