SMS, MMS and More Text Messaging Options

Learn how to use SMS, MMS and other text messaging options to engage with contacts.

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Additional Features

  • Free Incoming Messages

    Incoming messages are on the house -- you only pay for outgoing texts.
  • Message Scheduling

    Schedule your messages in advance so you can reach out at the perfect time, automatically.
  • Drip Campaigns

    Automatically send a series of messages in the same order to all of your contacts, beginning whenever they join your list.
  • Message Templates

    Conserve valuable time by saving messages you’ve written as templates for future use.
  • Send-From-Phone

    When you’re away from your computer, use your cell phone to initiate message outreach right from your account.
  • Carrier Lookup Tool

    Avoid wasting money by determining which of your contact numbers are landlines or other numbers that cannot receive texts.

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