Texting Use Cases

Easy setup, endless opportunities.

Our Most Popular Uses

  • SALESWhen possible, use Picture Messaging (MMS) to share what you’re selling, even if it’s just a graphic or artistic text.
  • REMINDERSTimely and relevant reminders are helpful to and appreciated by your audience.
  • LEAD GENERATIONUse Keywords to invite followers to join your text list, and then watch your opted-in lead list grow.
  • CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONPromote to customers using Picture Messaging (MMS) or send basic notifications via Text Messaging to keep in touch.
  • CRIME WATCHKeep an eye on the neighborhood by organizing local alerts. Texting in a keyword is a quick and easy way for community members to sign up.
  • STUDENT / PARENT COMMUNICATIONAdd students to your contact lists to keep them updated on school activities and events. Add parents to a separate list for important notifications or in case of emergency.
  • EVENT UPDATESEncourage your audience to text in your Keyword to receive updates and notifications.
  • COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONCommunity organizers can invite locals to sign up for a text distribution about local happenings or opportunities.
  • OFFICE COMMUNICATIONUse our Signup Widgets to email a signup form to your internal teams. It’s an easy way for them to join your list and receive notifications about company events, fire alarm testing, schedule changes and more.
  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENTManage teams by using multiple Keywords. By organizing teams into contact list groups within your Club Texting account, team members will receive only the text messages that are relevant to them.
  • EMERGENCIESFor last-minute or emergency notifications, make sure followers know your Keyword in order for them to sign up and receive your alerts.

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