Recurring Text Messaging Services

Automate your messaging and let Club Texting do the work for you.

Simplify Outreach with Automation

Our Recurring text messaging services allow you to send the same message on a regular basis to your contacts or groups. With the ability to automate your messaging, you can easily send repeated reminders without duplicating your workload.


It’s All About the Timing

  • date_rangeChoose whether to send your messages on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, for full automation.
  • eventControl exactly which days of the week on which your messages will broadcast — set it and forget it.
  • timerYou can select the date to begin your messaging, specify how long you’d like for it to send, or configure it to send indefinitely.

ABC Pharmacy needed a way to automate communication with patients about when to take medications and letting them know when prescription refills were ready. By allowing patients to opt-in to their SMS list, they were able to easily and automatically coordinate reminders and refills for hundreds of patients. A win-win!

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