Amplify Your New Year's Nightclub Promos with Text Messaging

New Year's Eve provides a great opportunity for nightclubs to host a perfect event. Instead of promoting your parties and special events through traditional advertising, this is the year to integrate other marketing options, such as SMS marketing, to amplify your efforts and achieve a better return. Unsure why or how to take advantage of text message marketing? Read on to find out more. 

Value of Text Messaging 

SMS marketing provides a lot of value to marketers with very little cost, making it a cost-effective solution for promoting your events. Some of the key benefits of this medium include: 

  • Immediate response 
  • More engaged audience
  • High conversion rates 
  • Connect with almost anyone
  • Almost 100 percent open rate
  • Personal interaction 

Text messages have a much higher open rate than emails. This increases the chance that your audience sees the promotions and takes advantage of them. SMS marketing is an opt-in channel, which means you reach an already-engaged audience. It is much easier to engage an audience who already has visited your club and wishes to come again than it is to connect with a brand new person. 

The biggest advantage of text message marketing? Most people open and respond to text messages within 90 seconds. This makes it possible to send out last minute messages to promote events. If you do not have the attendance you hoped for, send out a promotional text to encourage people to come at the last minute. 

Integrating with Your Other Marketing Campaigns 

The value of text message marketing does not end with sending promotional texts to your subscribers. It also complements your other marketing efforts to amplify your promotion. The best way to do this? Integrate your channels and cross-promote. 

For example, promote your events through email marketing and print advertising months in advance. Create buzz through your social media platforms and get people talking through word of mouth. Use your texting campaign as a call to action on your other marketing channels, especially on print ads and radio and TV spots. Then, send out a text message the day before the event to remind people of the event. Include an exclusive deal or VIP access to motivate your most loyal customers to attend the event.

Texting Tips 

Texting has the potential to amplify your promotions and increase your attendance at your New Year's Eve events and other parties throughout the year. To get the best response to your efforts, you want to incorporate the following best practices

  • Get permission before you text 
  • Keep it short — 160 characters or less
  • Be clear and concise
  • Incorporate active and strong language 
  • Add a strong CTA
  • Motivate subscribers to react 
  • Use the right timing
  • Limit your number of texts per month
  • Provide value to the recipients 

As with any marketing channel, it is important to take a moment to create a strong strategy for your SMS marketing campaign. Write impactful content that imparts your message while incentivizes the recipient to respond in the way you want. Integrate it with a purpose to your other channels through cross-promotion and texting calls to action. Most importantly, create something of value that remains relevant to your subscribers. 

SMS marketing will help you amplify your promotions and reach your goals. Ready to get started? Then try ClubTexting for free.

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