Aren't Your Employees Part of Your Club?

You have worked hard on your texting campaigns to ensure that you engage members and grow your club, and your analytics show your efforts are working.

However, you might be leaving out one very important group in your lists: your employees. When developing your mobile marketing campaigns, be sure to get your employees signed up as well. This makes it easy for you to take advantage of the advantages that text messages have to offer, including a higher open and response rate than email, to communicate with your employees just as you do with your members. It can improve communication among your employees and help them to provide better customer service.

Keep Employees Happy

Engaged employees are happier employees. Texting enhances engagement.

Text messages help you to engage with your employees on a regular basis, which in turn helps them to feel more emotionally invested in your club. Employees who are engaged are 87 percent less likely to move on to another club or company.

However, around 70 percent of workers in America are not engaged, and only 40 percent are aware of the goals, tactics, and strategies of a company. Often, this is due to a lack of communication. Running a texting campaign overcomes this issue.

It is best to have your employees in multiple groups in your subscriber list, including the general list serve, the employee group and a group based on their department. That way they receive the same messages as members, as well as pertinent messages for their job.

Regularly texting to employees facilitates more engaged and happier employees and helps to create a company culture in which employees want to be part of the company. As an added bonus, happy and engaged employees provide better service to club members.

Informed Employees Provide Better Customer Service

Sending your employees the same messages you send your members increases their ability to provide the highest quality customer service. If member-facing employees have no knowledge of your texting campaigns, then they are unable to answer any questions about it. They also might not be aware of any offers or promotions, thereby creating a frustrating situation when a club member tries to redeem one or otherwise act on the content in your text messages.

Taking time to train employees on all your traditional and mobile marketing efforts, as well as keeping them informed of any new information sent out to members, ensures they have all the information they need to provide the best service to your members.

Better Communication With Employees

Part of your texting campaigns should focus on necessary information for your employees. Send updates about any maintenance work being done. Use it for emergency alerts, such as severe weather or a fire in an area of the club. It is beneficial to use texting rather than email for your employee communications since it is much more likely they will actually read the message. Only about 20 to 30 percent of emails are opened, while 99 percent of texts are.

These messages do not always have to directly involve work; it is possible to use them to encourage social gatherings for employees or to celebrate victories, milestones, or employee achievements. For example, send out a text announcing the employee of the month winner or to alert employees that your club has reached a business goal.

Remind Employees About Events

Texting event reminders makes sure employees are adequately prepared.

Employees need to be reminded about events just like your customers. Send a text message out to your employees the day before or the day of a big event so that they have adequate time to finalize the preparation and provide the best experience possible for your members. This also increases the attendance of employees at non-mandatory work events, which in turn demonstrates to your members the dedication your staff has to the club.

There are many ways to utilize your mobile marketing services to communicate with your employees in addition to your members. It helps keep them informed and up to date with all content members receive, as well as provide an easy to use way to impart essential company information.

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