Best Practices for Mass SMS Campaigns


Text message marketing can be amazingly effective due to the personal nature of texts, and the close proximity most people keep to their phones. But you have to adhere to smart practices when you market via mass SMS, because it's easy enough for people to block your texts if you annoy them. Stick with the following best practices for mass SMS marketing to maximize your chances for success.

Get Permission and Explain How to Opt Out

You can't just add numbers to your list and start sending out messages. If you don't get permission first, you're acting illegally, and can damage your organization's reputation. One popular way to gain permission for mass SMS marketing is to have people text a keyword to a number to opt in. 

When you manually add numbers to your database, ensure that you have verbal or written permission to do so to avoid running afoul of the law. You should also make it clear how to opt out of mass SMS messages. Usually this involves texting "STOP" to a certain number. Customers are more likely to opt in if they know they have an out.

Text Once a Week or Less

More messages do not translate into more business. In fact, people get annoyed if they get more than about one mass SMS per week from an organization they've opted in to receive texts from. Ideally, you should keep your mass SMS pitches to two to four times per month. At this rate, recipients will neither forget about you nor become annoyed and block you.

Time Your Texts Courteously

If you are a nightclub running a mass SMS campaign, you are more likely to send messages later at night, because that's when your customers are out and about. If you run a restaurant that's a popular dinner destination, it's acceptable to send out offers close to dinner time. Other types of businesses, however, should strive to send messages during or close to normal business hours. 

Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers can help you time your mass SMS campaigns more accurately. People who like having dinner out often decide where to go less than an hour beforehand. Therefore it makes sense to send promotions just before mealtime. Know when your customers are most likely to stop by, and you can time your messages for maximum effectiveness.

Keep Messages Fresh and Make Sure They Provide Value

Running the same mass SMS repeatedly makes people blind to them. Change up your messages each time if possible, and make sure they offer something of value to recipients, such as an easy contest entry, a two-for-one offer, or notice of an unadvertised sale.

Contests Are Great for Building Your Database

Holding a contest is a terrific way to get customers to opt in to your company's promotional text messages. Offer something special for the winner, and perhaps offer an easy way for participants to enter a second time (perhaps by liking a specific post on Facebook). The money you spend on the prize is small compared to the ease with which you can build your database for your mass SMS campaigns.

In summary, getting the most from your mass SMS campaign is easier when you follow a few best practices, including:

• Getting permission and making opt-out instructions clear
• Sending messages once a week or less
• Timing messages appropriately
• Knowing your customers' shopping habits
• Keeping messages fresh and adding value to each one
• Holding contests to build your customer database


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