Business Text Messaging

Business text messaging is an important communication tool for reaching large groups of customers simultaneously. It takes advantage of the intimacy and immediately of SMS messaging to enhance existing mobile strategies, and can be used by large and small businesses alike to attract new customers, generate engagement, and build brand loyalty.

One of the biggest advantages of SMS text marketing for businesses is its broad reach. More than 90% of the population has a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS text message. Few people leave home without their cellphones or smartphones, so business text messaging reaches target audiences wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

How Business Text Messaging Attracts New Customers

SMS text marketing for businesses can be used to attract new customers in a variety of ways. Most people will have seen advertisements inviting them to text a “keyword” to a “short code” (for example: text `BONUS` to 313131). Potential customers respond to these advertisements in order to participate in a promotion or benefit from a special offer.

Other methods used to encourage people to join a business text message service include “click-to-join” widgets placed on websites or distributed via social media. These attract new customers by promising they will be the first to hear about new inventories or discounts exclusively available to customers who opt into the business´s text messaging service.   

A further way to attract new customers with SMS text marketing for businesses is polls and surveys. When they are topical, amusing or creative, polls and surveys sent to existing customers tend to be shared among friends and family. The friends and family like what they see, and opt into the business text messaging service to be included in the next poll or survey.  

The Technical Side of SMS Text Marketing for Businesses

When customers text a keyword, click to join, or opt-in to receive future text marketing messages by SMS, they are automatically added to the business´s marketing database maintained on a group texting platform. Then, when the marketing officer from the business wants to send out their next SMS text blast, they log into the platform, upload a list of customers, write the SMS text blast and click “send”.

Within minutes, the SMS text blast will be delivered to the business´s marketing database. Businesses can observe delivery rates and spikes in engagement, and use these analytics to fine-tune future mobile marketing campaigns. All replies - and responses to polls and surveys - are received by the group texting platform, from where they can be emailed onwards or forwarded by SMS automatically.

Group texting platforms typically include a variety of useful tools to generate engagement and build brand loyalty. Polls and surveys have already been mentioned, and among the other tools to enhance a mobile marketing strategy, businesses will find:

  • The option to schedule messages for a day or time they will attract the most attention.
  • The option to send SMS text blast in plain text or multimedia format.
  • The option to address each text message to the recipient personally.  
  • The option to integrate tiny URLs into a SMS text blast.
  • To option to attach coupons or QR codes.

One of the most useful tools on a group texting platform is the option to sort a database into groups. Customers can be grouped by any characteristic you wish - for example, by their specific interests, their physical location or their marketing source. The benefit of this option is that you only need send an SMS text blast to the group(s) for whom it is relevant - reducing your opt-out rate and marketing costs.

Business Text Messaging from Club Texting

Club Texting is a well-established company that has been providing business text marketing services for many years. One of our strengths is that we provide access to a group texting platform with all the tools and features mentioned above, but have designed our platform in such a way it is simple to understand and easy to use.

Businesses can access our group texting platform from any device with an Internet connection. This means you can prepare and schedule your next SMS text blast from the office, riding to work on the bus, or even relaxing in the bath. We can send you notifications of your customers´ replies by email or SMS, so you do not even need an Internet connection to stay on top of your marketing campaign.

To find out more about SMS text marketing for businesses, do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer a range of competitive subscription packages, plus a “Pay & Go” pricing plan that ensures you only pay for the SMS text blasts you send. Our team of Client Success Managers are waiting to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about business text messaging from Club Texting.

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