Conquers the Cell Phone

If you attended college in the last five years, chances are you are familiar with, or a similar online ordering system. For those of you who are a bit older, it works like this. Joe student is sitting in his dorm. He is hungry (and perhaps likely intoxicated). Finding a menu, a phone, and talking to a human being = very difficult. Enter Log on to the website, browse the menus of restaurants delivering to your campus, click on the items you want, and click buy. Your order is forwarded to the restaurant of your choosing and within the hour, your food arrives.

Perhaps you don't see the difference, perhaps it's a generational thing--whatever the case, Campusfood is insanely popular on many, many college campuses (and yes, they arrange deliveries to nearby apartments and homes.)

Now we hear that Campusfood will be rolling out text message ordering. How might that work? Let's turn to their press release--which rightfully recognizes as "quite remarkable. It's on a webpage, with a PR text, YouTube video explaining their services, a link to the podcast and all the geeky logos to digg,, reddit and facebook." On to the press release:’s new online TXT/SMS service is available through all major carriers including Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile and Sprint by TXTing a Favorite to the 36368 shortcode. The restaurant receives the order like any other order. Users can set up their Favorites on the website for easy one-click ordering. Both SMS/TXT and one-click ordering are free services to customers.

One more reason to wish you were still in college.

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