How Bridge Clubs Can Use Group Texting to Improve Membership Numbers

Bridge might be an old game, but it remains a popular pastime. However, many bridge clubs find it is difficult to attract new members to join their numbers. One way to encourage people in your community to join your bridge club is to use group texting. This does not just help you attract the attention of Millennials, who are known for their texting ways. Out of smartphone owners over the age of 50, around 92 percent text. No matter the demographics of your bridge club, you can benefit from using texting.

Make It Easy for Interested Parties to Contact You

When someone sees an ad about your club, they can text you for more information.

Utilizing a club texting program makes it easy for interested parties to contact you for more information. No matter how you advertise your club, whether in church bulletins, bulletin boards at local cafes, flyers at social hot spots or anywhere else, it is simple to add a way for people to contact you. Add your number and a keyword. Then, when potential members see your advertisement, they simply have to text to find out more information. This is much more effective than leaving a phone number to call, an email to contact, or even a website to visit.

Remind Current and Potential Members About Events

Once you have people signed up for your club texting program, it is easy to send out reminders about upcoming events. Most texts are opened within just a few minutes of receipt, making it the perfect medium for reminders. You send out a text the day before an event, or even a few hours before, and feel confident members and potential members can see it.

Send Out Bridge Tips

Regular contact with your club texting subscribers helps to make them feel as though they are a part of your club, even if they have yet to fully join or are too busy to attend events. One way to remain in regular contact is to send out bridge tips. It is easy to segment your subscribers into different groups based on their skill level. Then, send out targeted tips that help them improve without fearing that you are sending information to those who already have surpassed a particular tip.

Take Questions

Club texting is not just about finding ways to send messages out to your members or potential members. It also works as a channel of communication to receive messages from your members. Many people prefer to send messages or other inquiries through text than calling. This also makes it easier on you to be available for your members throughout the day without having to have someone sitting right next the phone.

Poll Your Members on What They Want

For a successful bridge club, you should listen to your members and offer what they want. This includes those who are merely interested in joining but might not have come to any classes or tournaments. Find out more about what you can offer to increase attendance and membership through polls. Club texting polls are easy to run. Simply send out a question with a few keywords for each answer. Your subscribers text back their keyword of choice, and you know which one is the most popular.

Organize Tournaments and Classes

It is easy to segment your club texting subscriber list. This helps you to easily organize tournaments and classes. Send messages to different members based on whether they would be interested in a particular event. Create a group for your staff and/or volunteers who help to organize and host the events. Then, communicate with them to ensure the event goes off without a hitch.

Offer Discounts to Potential Members

Increase the number of people who join your classes with discounts.

Many young people might be interested in learning more about bridge, but sometimes classes can be expensive, leading to them deciding to learn from another source or just giving up. Offering a special deal might help increase the number who come to your classes. Perhaps, offer the first class free so they can see whether they actually enjoy the class. If that is not possible for the budget of your club, determine a percentage off that works well for your club while also being attractive to your students. Then, use the time during classes to motivate them to join the club

There are many ways bridge clubs can grow their members through using club texting. It is a highly versatile and effective marketing and communication method that is also cost effective, making it easy to fit into almost any budget. Once you have it, you can use it in many ways to communicate with your current members while also attracting new ones to keep your bridge club going for many more years.

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