How Much Can You Say in 160 Characters? A Lot...

A short, well-crafted text message is an effective way to get your customers' attention.

What is 160 characters long and interesting to your customers? The answer is an effective SMS message. The key word here is effective because it is possible to send an SMS message that's longer than 160 characters. But in many cases, it's better to keep things brief. While 160 characters may not seem like enough space to get your message across, it can be if you take the time to develop an effective campaign and call to action. Here are a few reasons why keeping your text marketing communications short is important.

It Can Help You Reduce Your Marketing Costs

As compared with other forms of marketing, SMS messages are a relatively inexpensive way to reach your audience. But if you are interested in staying on budget, one way to do so is to limit your messages to 160 characters. There are two reasons why this is beneficial for your business. The first is that you can avoid the added cost of sending multiple messages to your customers in order to alert them of your campaign. The second is that more customers are likely to read your message, which can result in more sales for your business. Not only are you saving money, there's also the added potential to drive more sales.

You'll Reach More Customers

Today's customers have a short attention span. If you are not getting your point across in the first 160 character SMS message to your audience, you may be missing out on reaching potential customers. Your first message needs to be something compelling so that your audience feels like they must opt-in to receive more communications from your company. Unless your campaign is engaging from the get-go, mobile users may be inclined to ignore your messages.

Your Calls to Action Won't Go Unnoticed

Chances are you want your mobile audience to take action, or it's likely you wouldn't be exploring SMS marketing for your business. Whether you are interested in alerting potential customers of a new product, offering a special discount, or enticing them with a free gift, you want to make sure your recipients understand the campaign objective and take the appropriate next step. By keeping your messages short and direct, you are forcing yourself to make your call to action a priority. Rather than trying to get your point across in multiple SMS messages, spend the time writing a quick text with a compelling CTA. This way, your calls to action will be in the spotlight, and they won't go unnoticed by your audience.

When it comes to SMS marketing, it's a good idea to keep your texts short.

There's no scientific reason for the 160 character limit imposed on SMS messages. It was actually arbitrarily decided by a technology developer during the earliest days of the concept. But there are a few good reasons to abide by it when launching a text marketing campaign for your business. Staying under this limit can help you reduce your marketing costs, connect with more customers, and get your audience to take action. If you are interested in getting started with a text marketing effort for your business, try ClubTexting for free today!

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