How a Texting Campaign Broadens Your Reach

To continue to grow your small business, it is essential to find new leads. One way to do this is to broaden your reach to engage with a wider pool of potential customers. There are many ways to do this, and one of the most successful is SMS marketing. What's more, reports indicate that people do want to receive texts from businesses, so you are reaching out using a medium to which people are responsive. 

How does texting help you broaden your reach? There are a few key characteristics to consider.

Everyone's a Potential Lead 

One of the best reasons to add texting to your marketing strategy is that it opens up the potential pool of leads to almost everyone. Granted, texting is a permission-based medium, so it does have some limitations. However, over 95 percent of Americans own an SMS-enabled cell phone. 

It's clear that a high number of people own SMS-enabled phones, and the good news doesn't stop there: most of them actively use texting. More than half of consumers also feel that text messages are an effective way for businesses to get in contact with them. Therefore, when you run a texting campaign, every mobile user becomes a potential lead. 

Cross-Generational and Socioeconomic Lines 

The numbers above are not just related to a particular demographic. A texting campaign gives you a chance to interact with customers across generational and socioeconomic lines. Although Millennials and Gen Z'ers are known for texting, older generations text almost as much as their younger counterparts. Texting provides a way to connect with all your potential customers, whether your clientele is mainly made up of young people or older people. 

Texting campaigns also allow you to broaden your reach by crossing socioeconomic lines. For many people, owning a computer and having continual access to the internet remains out of reach due to the expense. However, most people still have an SMS-enabled phone. For many families, this is a primary communication tool, and it may also serve as their only means of access to the internet. This population might not be able to connect with you on social media or through email, but they will have the ability to communicate via text message. 

No Special Equipment Needed 

Potential subscribers require no special equipment, other than an SMS-enabled phone, to receive texts from your business. With a texting campaign, mobile users do not need to worry about downloading a special app to get alerts from you or to take action on an ad. This also makes it simple for new subscribers to join your program. They already have their phone, and they simply have to text a keyword to a special code in order to participate. The easier an action, the more likely people will do it.

Running a texting campaign has the potential to connect your business with a much wider audience. You do not have to worry about alienating any particular demographic since everyone has access to the same information.

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