News Roundup: Recent Developments In Mobile / SMS Marketing

The growth of the Mobile Marketing sector continue to be dramatic. SMS short codes are proliferating. Patrons waiting on line outside of nightclubs text their way onto VIP lists, so that they can skip the lines next weekend. House hunters send off text messages to interactive ad displays in the windows of real estate brokers' offices. Every day brings new developments. Here are some of the most exciting new uses of mobile technology:

New York Magazine Mobile: New Yorkers (or tourists) can send the name of a restaurant or bar to the short code GONYC, and within moments they will receive the establishments address, phone number, and other info. If you don't know the name of the place you're looking for you can send in a a type of cuisine and a zip code or neighborhood. You can also punch in 'bar' and a zip to get a list of recommended bars in that area.

Bluetooth Campaign Targets Theatergoers:  Square Group has revealed the results of an experiment it has been running with Bluecasting at the Noel Coward Theatre in London. The company installed a Bluetooth transmitter from Alterwave in the theatre. When someone with an active Bluetooth device walks past the transmitter, it sends out a message offering them a free video clip from the puppet show, 'Avenue Q', which is playing at the theatre.

In the first seven days of the experiment, says Square Group, 9,595 active Bluetooth devices were detected and sent messages. Of these, 703 people accepted the offer of the video download – an average of 87 people each day. (Via Textually)


Down2Night - "The guys over at Synapse Life (a productivity suite) released today a new mobile nightlife service called Down2Night. Down2Night lets you use your cell phone to post and receive notices of events that are going on at your favorite local venues. Seattle is the first city covered by the service.

In contrast to a mobile coupon service like Movoxx, which pushes their nightlife deals to your phone, Down2Night has a web interface that lets you pick venues, add, and vote for the events that show up on your phone. Each night of the week you choose, Down2Night will send updates of the top voted event for each venue you’re subscribed to. The top event can be something listed by the venue’s owner, or even a big birthday bash being held that night. As the service grows, the most likely business model is the local advertising market. Everyone, though, is eager to get a hold of the elusive 18-35 crowd that makes up Down2Night’s target market." (Via TechCrunch)

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