Reactee: Text In To My T-Shirt!

Today Thrillist reviewed Reactee, an innovative t-shirt company that lets you buy a custom printed t-shirt, along with a unique Keyword. When someone reads your shirt, they can text a message into Reactee's shortcode with your unique keyword. The message is then forwarded on to you.

Thrillist explains just who these t-shirts are aimed at:

Though they're fun for all, Reactee shirts were originally designed for performers (DJs, musicians, mimes) looking to share gig info, and protesters organizing anti-Starbucks riots.

Reactee has a nice design tool at their website, which allows you to edit/design/and redesign your shirt until it's perfect--you see the results in real-time. When you're ready you check out, you pay a single price ($20) for the shirt, the keyword, and the  service  to forward responses to your own phone. Very cool.


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