SMS Revenues Set To Explode By 2012

The ClubTexting Blog has believed that SMS-derived revenues will continue to show tremendous growth for a long time, and a recently released research brief from Portio Research confirms this:

A new report from Portio Research forecasts a healthy future for SMS, which continues to be the star of the data services show with traffic volumes and revenues that continue to confound predictions. Although the growth of SMS revenues will not be as aggressive as the growth of SMS volumes due to declining prices, by 2012 global SMS revenues are expected to reach 67bn USD, driven by 3.7 trillion messages.

Yes,  that's 67, followed by nine zeros! While Asia will add about one billion new subscribers by 2012. To realize that astounding increase, "in the five minutes it takes to read this press release and in every subsequent five minute period for the next six years, 2,267 people will have bought their first ever mobile phone."

Lest the US seem left out, Portio finds that, "the US market has grown much faster than expected."

There is a $67 Billion dollar pie baking in the over--do you offer your customers mobile data content yet? Do you have a mobile marketing strategy yet? Do you communicate to your customers via SMS, "the cheapest, quickest and easiest to use form of peer-to-peer mobile communication?"

If not, perhaps it's time.

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