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Who needs MovieFone when you can get local movie listings text messaged to your phone?

The MovieConnect application invites consumers to sign up to receive text messages directly from rich media ad units. Essentially, by "rolling over" a PointRoll unit, consumers can enter their mobile number and ZIP code to receive local listings and showtimes directly on their mobile device when they become available.
The goal of MovieConnect is also to create targeted advertising with a local focus that can help studios and theaters buff ticket sales and enable tracking of individual customer interaction and behavior.

Read the entire article at MediaPost Online Media Daily.

Messaging services provider 4INFO announced the launch of what it calls the industry's first marketplace for SMS advertising:

The 4INFO Advertising Marketplace platform will enable marketers to include targeted advertising within SMS content from 4INFO's mobile services as well as partners including USA Today, Spark Networks and TV Guide.

Read more at FierceMobileContent.

And finally, in an example showing just how deeply text messaging has become a part of American society, the AP is reporting that the NCAA has approved a ban on text messaging between coaches and recruits. (Via Textually.org)

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