Texting for Bars

Our Top Success Tips:

Key Features:

  • Post signs around the bar that say “Text [keyword] to [short code] for a free shot!” Patrons can show the auto­reply message to a bartender to redeem.
  • Run a contest in which people who subscribe to your texting list can win a $20 bar tab or a free private party during a sports game of their choice.
  • Send out a text message to subscribers on a rainy evening, offering free appetizers to anyone who shows their text before 10 PM.
  • Add our customizable signup widget to your website, Facebook page, and email blasts.
  • Already have a list of opted­-in numbers? Upload and import them with a single click.

How Club Texting Can Help Bars

Our SMS marketing platform provides an easy, low­ cost, highly effective way to bring customers back to your bar again and again. Text messaging promotions are popular with bar patrons because they are direct, personalized, and offer real value. Customers feel like they are insiders when they join your list and receive your special offers in the palm of their hand. And you build tremendous customer loyalty. We're experts at texting for bars, and can help you reach your goals.

Your customers are already texting inside your bar;­­ it’s time for you to get in on that SMS action.

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