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In our harried world, it has become increasingly difficult for churches, temples, and other faith-based organizations to connect with their congregations. This is especially true with respect to today's youth. Recognizing this challenge, forward-­thinking churches maintain websites, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Many churches regularly email their members. The common thread across these efforts is the desire to connect to an increasingly technology-reliant youth population. Our web-­based text messaging software allows you to reach out to the youth in your community using their most popular means of communication.


How Club Texting Can Help Churches

Send out daily prayers – short, simple messages that help congregants integrate faith into their hectic lives. Create interactive services by enlisting the congregation’s help in answering a question posed during a sermon. If your goal is to promote community cohesion, Club Texting offers you a powerful, cost-effective solution. Perhaps your temple is having a Friday night event that you want to promote. Using our intuitive web-based software, a reminder can be sent to hundreds (or thousands) of congregants in just minutes. We're experts at texting for churches and can help you get started.

Hundreds of religious organizations already rely on our group text messaging service to communicate with their congregations and to enhance their outreach efforts. Join them now.

What Clients are Saying:

  • "It kept communication open and it helped in moving information from the church, to the kids, to the parents. I wanted to keep our youth in the church informed of things going on instantly as they were happening."
    - Peter Voorhees, Calvary Chapel of Silverdale
  • "The first company to work with me and tell me exactly what I needed to get my SMS content delivered on a consistent and timely basis. Christian encouragement is sent directly to your cell phone each day at the time you choose. Monthly subscriptions support the All For The One Foundation."
    - Mobile Inspiration

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