Texting for Concert Promotions

Our Top Success Tips:

  • Add our signup widget to your website, Facebook Page, and email blasts to jump-start your SMS marketing program.
  • Hold a contest. Attendees text your keyword to our short code to win free tickets and merchandise from sponsors. At the end of the night, you will have built a valuable database for future marketing efforts.
  • Slow ticket sales? Send a mass text with a 20% off promo code to your entire contact list.
  • Use our custom API to make your upcoming concert listings available to anyone, anywhere. For example, customers can simply text your designated keyword and their inquiry to our short code. Our software will immediately retrieve the appropriate listing from your server and send it back to the customer.
  • Offer limited edition tour apparel and gifts to fans that text in your keyword at the concert. They can display their auto-reply text message to redeem the item.
  • Get more out of your print and radio advertising. Prompt your audience to text your keyword to receive future announcements from your organization.

How Club Texting Can Help with Concert Promotions

As a marketer, you're required to sell enough tickets to fill your venue space, communicate to the audience effectively, and offer valuable promotions. Traditional channels of direct marketing (i.e. television, journals, and print advertising) can be costly and hard to quantify. Texting for concert promotions allows you to reach out directly to your target audience. Our cost-effective platform allows you to launch high-ROI mobile campaigns in minutes.

Perhaps you want to build buzz among previous attendees for an annual music festival. Building excitement for a new promotion is simple with our text messaging service. Simply log in to Club Texting, write your text message and hit send. Within minutes, thousands of text messages can be delivered to every customer on your list.

The real-time nature of our system gives concert promoters a huge advantage. Consider that a few dozen tickets to a sold-out show are released at the last minute. How do you let enough people know about them to fill those seats in time? With Club Texting, you can have your message out in minutes. If you're already onsite, use our Send-From-Phone feature to instantly send that message out to your entire list, directly from your mobile phone. Got a smartphone? We have a mobile-optimized version of our text messaging web app, offering easy access to core features on-the-go.

As a concert promoter, you have access to captive audiences and our mobile marketing programs are the perfect way to engage those crowds. Flash a message on a stage screen or have your DJ call out your keyword to the crowd and start promoting your next show before the current one ends.

If you're a concert promoter, including text message marketing as part of your strategy puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

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