Texting for Political Campaigns

Our Top Success Tips:

  • Invite voters and supporters to join your text messaging list to receive voting reminders, volunteer opportunities, campaign news and fundraising events.
  • Create multiple groups to organize voters by demographics, geographic locations, age, and more.
  • Integrate our signup widget into your website and Facebook page so voters can sign up online
  • Tweet your Keyword to invite followers to join your mobile list.
  • Use message forwarding to stay engaged with your voters by receiving their replies directly in your email inbox.
  • Import a list of your volunteers' and campaign managers’ cell phone numbers to allow for quick and easy internal communication.

How Club Texting Can Help Political Campaigns

Text messaging has become an integral component of the election cycle.

Barack Obama's 2008 campaign was the first to embrace text messaging. The campaign recognized text messaging's myriad benefits and put the medium to good use. Text messaging for political campaigns can be leveraged to power:

  • Emergency & media rapid response
  • Mobile polling
  • Field operative communications
  • Geographically and/or demographically targeted communications among grass-roots supporters
  • Meetup coordination
  • Mobile petitioning
  • Fundraising

Recent elections have shown that, in tight races, turnout can make or break a campaign. Text Messaging is the communication method of choice amongst members of the elusive 18 – 29 year-old voting group, and thus should be an essential tool to any political campaign. Supporter text messaging databases built up over a campaign become a critical GOTV (Get Out The Vote) tool come election day.

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