Texting for Schools

Our Top Success Tips:

  • Invite students to join text lists to receive emergency alerts, event notifications, meeting reminders and more.
  • Use our text messaging API to integrate a mobile emergency alert system into your application or website.
  • Create unlimited groups to categorize students and parents by grade, clubs, activities and more. You can also create additional groups to categorize faculty and staff for internal communications.
  • Message forwarding, Send-From-Phone & our mobile-optimized app allow for two-way communication during emergencies and other time-sensitive situations.

How Club Texting Can Help Schools

Our emergency messaging system allows colleges, universities and other educational institutions to instantly communicate with an entire campus in minutes. Our text messaging services are used by hundreds of institutions to send out campus-wide text alerts, which are delivered to students' phones immediately.

More than just an emergency SMS broadcast system, our software allows students to respond to SMS alerts, providing you with a vital stream of first-hand information in the event of a crisis.

The U.S. Department Of Education requires colleges and universities to have a way to communicate with their students in a timely manner in the event of an emergency. Whether you already have a rudimentary emergency text message alert system, or you are looking to implement a solution from scratch, we can help. Club Texting specializes in group texting for schools.

Our SMS text messaging solutions for colleges and universities are not just for emergencies. Fraternities, sororities, student groups and intramural teams all use our system to communicate with their members. You can build your community, announce last-minute gatherings or updates, and increase attendance at events with Club Texting's text messaging software.

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