The Tribeca Film Festival Delivers, Text Alerts, Mobile Video, & More

New York City's popular Tribeca Film Festival will be offering up something new (and exciting) this Spring:

The Tribeca Film Festival announced it will deliver trailers, shorts and full-length features to handsets via Verizon Wireless, heralding the annual event's first venture into the mobile content arena. The festival, which begins April 25 and continues for 12 days around New York City, will distribute to wireless devices three current festival full-length features, three short films, 49 movie trailers and three additional short films created exclusively for mobile consumption. Tribeca will also alert attendees of private screenings by sending wireless barcode tickets to their phones, and will launch text-based mobile movie reviews. (Fierce Mobile Content)

If you happen to come to NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival, then you might see some special new Pepsi billboards--they light up and beam messages to your phone!

Pepsi has mashed up an outdoor ad to be interactive and mobile. Pepsi ads at 120 transit shelters in Los Angeles, Washington, New York, Pittsburgh and Denver through May 31 send a message to any nearby Bluetooth-enabled phone, offering free music videos.

If the user accepts, the bus shelter poster lights up and video is sent. In New York, the video opens with Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon, who introduces three local singers. The ad closes with the address for a related website:, which has video and music downloads as well. (USA Today)

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