Texting for Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Our Top Success Tips:

  • Set up a Keyword on our Shared Short Code that can be included in all of your clients' advertising campaigns.
  • Invite your target consumers to simply text your Keyword to the Shared Short Code to immediately subscribe and/or receive a coupon or any other marketing message in return.
  • For multiple accounts, we can set up a master login through which you can manage all your clients’ SMS contact lists.

To learn more, see our complete text messaging feature list.


How Club Texting Can Help Advertising and Marketing Agencies:

Build creative campaigns for your clients quickly, easily and affordably. Text message marketing is a standard tool in today's marketing arsenal. Texting campaigns complement and often outshine traditional forms of marketing because of texting's speed, simplicity, and increased ROI. With mobile ad spending eclipsing three billion dollars a year, it's more important than ever for advertising and marketing agencies to offer mobile marketing services to their clients.

Mobile marketing allows agency clients to speak directly to their target consumers in a way that no other medium can. Integrating text messaging alerts, discounts, and event notifications into current advertising campaigns allows for instant consumer response and creates a new customer experience. Tracking those responses allows you to both begin a conversation with the consumer and collect data to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. We're experts in texting for advertising and marketing agencies and can help you reach your goals!

Looking for more? Our award­ winning SMS marketing platform is open and flexible. Use our API to integrate text messaging into your own platform or go with our Private Label Solution. The Private Label Solution allows you to rebrand our application with your agency’s look and feel. Club Texting will set up a web application for your firm on your own domain, where your clients can sign in to their accounts at any time to send text message campaigns. You can administer your own users and set their billing profiles at your own discretion; we simply bill you every month.

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